1. Slogroove 5:02
  2. Forest 4:26
  3. Bells 4:06
  4. Klaakplay 1:58
  5. Subterra 3:46
  6. Lurk 6:02
  7. Nocturnal Mechanics 5:34
  8. Archons 4:34
  9. Blues For Chaplin’s Factory 6:26
  10. Caves Of Chains 7:06
  11. Feromobile 5:06
  12. Sploseons 1:58
  13. Mama Orpfh 5:14
  14. Spooky Doo 4:26
  15. Dance Me To The End Of File 3:02
  16. Mouth Of The Storm 10:20

Total playing time 79:06

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Kaaos In Eccentris was formed by Mockingwyrd, Niko Skorpio and Ovro in the summer of 2003 as an amorphous platform for collaborations in improvisatory setting. Besides the core of three, most sessions were also attended by like-minded coconspirators such as Dr. von Pfosforus, VIII and others.

Selected Works 2003—2006 presents the highlights, and perhaps the deepest depths, of various Kaaos In Eccentris sessions from the active period of 2003—2006. Prior to this compilation, the only public work by Kaaos in Eccentris was a track recorded late 2003 that appeared on a split 7” with Leif Elggren and Liddikoatight (Some Place Else 2004).

Selected Works 2003—2006 documents a unique fusion of diverse creative individuals driven towards a mutual goal directed by the emerging sound itself. Post-production and editing of the tracks have been kept at minimum, mostly just mixing and equalization were employed.

The compilation is available as a free download under a Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons License
Selected Works 2003—2006 by Kaaos in Eccentris is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 1.0 Finland License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.someplaceelse.net

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